There are many things to consider if you wish to connect generators to Rocky Mountain Power's electric grid. We want to help so you can be successful with your interconnection.

These documents can help you get started.

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Transient Overvoltage Management

Customer generation systems shall not drive overvoltage conditions during a fault (short-circuit). To ensure this, generation systems should either use inverters which comply with the latest IEEE 1547 standard, or be effectively grounded. If the total generation on a circuit is less than 10% of the circuit's minimum load (daytime minimum load for solar generation), we can waive the requirement.

PDF Frequently Asked Questions: Transient Overvoltage Management for Distributed Energy Resources

PDF Effective Grounding for Customer Generation Facilities

Long-term considerations

Installing a solar generation system is a long-term commitment. Use these checklists to help you make decisions as you plan your project.

PDF Long Checklist | Short Checklist (PDF)

Battery System Interim Technical Requirements

PDF Battery System Interim Technical Requirements

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