Private Generation

Solar panels

To help meet our customers' electricity needs, Rocky Mountain Power is committed to using reliable, cost-effective, renewable energy sources.

We partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of customer-owned private generation systems with the electric grid.

Smaller Projects

Before you install private solar

Investing in a small generation system may require a large upfront expense and future maintenance commitment. The checklist below can help you determine if a small generation system is right for you.

PDF Rooftop Solar Checklist

Private energy credits & net metering

Small generation systems are monitored through a net meter, which allows us to track the excess solar power you produce and how much electricity you use.

Learn more about net metering and technical requirements »

Utah net metering update
The Utah Public Service Commission on September 29 unanimously approved a settlement agreement regarding the future of residential solar power generation.

  • The settlement makes the growth of rooftop solar viable for more Utahns.
  • Customer applications received by November 14, 2017 may be admitted in to the existing program.

More details will be available soon.

Other options to support solar and renewable energy

If you don't want to or can't afford to install solar panels at your home or business, you can support renewable energy through our Blue Sky program. In Utah, we're offering a new option for customers to subscribe to energy from a local solar plant.

Larger Projects

Partial requirements

If you want to generate electricity from renewable or nonrenewable resources to cover a portion of your needs, but still want the reassurance that Rocky Mountain Power's system will be ready to serve, then a Partial Requirements agreement may be right for you.

Qualifying Facilities

If you are planning a larger generation project – greater than 25 kW – and plan to sell power to Rocky Mountain Power, information is available on qualifying facilities, grid connection requests and market-based incentives.

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