Electric Vehicle Research Study FAQ

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How do I sign up for this program?

Complete the application form and send via email to ev@rockymountainpower.net.

What am I agreeing to when I sign up for this study?

To participate, you need to meet the following qualifications:

  • You agree to remain on your existing Schedule 1 residential rate (PDF) (not time-of-use) through April 1, 2019.
  • You currently charge your vehicle at home using a Level 2 charger. If you use only a Level 1 charger, you do not qualify for this study.
  • For the integrity of the research, you cannot install a rooftop solar or other generation system at your home during the commitment period.
  • You cannot participate in our Subscriber Solar option during the commitment period.
  • Grant us safe, unobstructed access to your electric meter.
What are the benefits? Why should I enroll?

You will get a $200 "thank you" credit on your bill after the research concludes in April 2019. Plus, you advance important research to develop rate options that support off-peak vehicle charging and create a framework for the adoption of more electric vehicles in Utah. 

Why can't I participate in this study with rooftop solar or another customer generation system?

At this time, electric vehicle time-of-use rates are not available for customers with home generation systems because it would create challenges in researching and evaluating the rate options.  

Why can't I be on this rate if I have Subscriber Solar?

For the integrity of our research, we need an accurate comparison between customers on regular rates and time-of-use rates. Our billing system is not set up to process both complex rate structures for Subscriber Solar and time-of-use options.  

Why is Rocky Mountain Power performing this study?

This research study is being offered to better understand when customers with plug-in electric vehicles charge their cars and what rates help customers to charge their cars affordably while lessening the impact to the grid. This study was approved by the Utah Public Service Commission as part of the Utah Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act.

After my commitment period, can I switch to a time-of-use option?

The plug-in electric vehicle time-of-use options are available on a first come, first served basis to the first 1,000 customers. If there is space available at the end of your commitment period, you may sign up for a time-of-use rate (Schedule 2E).

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