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I'm interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, what do I need to know to be plug-in ready?

There are several factors to consider before you make your purchase:

Driving pattern
Evaluate your driving pattern and determine the electrical driving range you need. This will help you to decide which electric vehicle is right for you.

Charging options
Contact the auto manufacturer or dealer to explore available charging options and learn more about the method used to charge the vehicle you intend to purchase. Some dealers offer home assessment packages as part of the electric vehicle purchase price.
Electric vehicles may charge on a standard 120-volt household outlet (level 1 charging). However, for faster charging, a 240-volt connection (level 2 charging) might be needed.

Charging equipment installation
Please contact a licensed electrical contractor to install the charging station and ensure compliance with federal, state and local codes.

Rocky Mountain Power can only perform work outside the home at your meter/electrical panel location to enable utility service to the house. If your electrical contractor requires an upgrade to your home's electric service, please call us toll free at 1-888-221-7070.

What rate will I pay to charge my electric vehicle?

Currently there are no changes to rates for charging electric vehicles. Customers pay standard tariff rates.

However, residential electric vehicle owners in Utah and Idaho can enroll in the Time of Day program to take advantage of lower tariffs for charging the vehicle during off-peak hours.

How much does it cost to charge a plug-in electric vehicle?

Costs vary depending on the vehicle and electricity rates. On average, it costs about $1 each time to charge a plug-in hybrid and $2-4 for a battery electric vehicle.

Does Rocky Mountain Power provide rebates or incentives for purchasing/owning an electric vehicle?

No. Currently, Rocky Mountain Power does not provide any rebates or incentives for purchasing or owning electric vehicles. However, the federal government offers tax credits of $7,500 for the purchase of battery electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Also, the state of Utah provides tax credits and loan programs to encourage this green technology. Drivers of electric vehicles are also allowed to use interstate HOV lanes with single occupancy.

Can I sell back electricity from my electric vehicle battery through vehicle-to-grid technology?

Vehicle-to-grid technology is currently not available. Researchers and automakers are currently evaluating the feasibility of wide-scale implementation of this technology. Vehicle-to-grid technology would enable electric vehicle owners to utilize the stored energy in the battery to contribute electricity back to the grid when the car is not in use.

Can I charge my vehicle with green power?

Yes. We offer the choice to purchase renewable energy through our Blue SkySM program.

You may also be interested in generating your own power through solar panels or other technologies.

What is Rocky Mountain Power doing to help advance electric vehicles?

Rocky Mountain Power holds environmental respect high on its list of standards and core values. We are committed and well prepared to help customers who own or plan to purchase an electric vehicle. We are proactively partnering with automobile manufacturers and others to plan, develop and drive the requirements for electric vehicles and their interface with the power grid.

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