Electric Vehicles

Electric car and plug

As part of our commitment to the environment and our customers, we are working with partners to promote electric transportation choices. If you want to buy an electric vehicle or if you already own one, our resources can help.

Getting to know EVs

Buying an EV

You can fuel an EV for the equivalent of about $1 per gallon of gasoline, which can make a big difference for your budget.

Charging Your Vehicle

EV charger

Find out about charging levels and determine if you will need upgrades to your electrical wiring in order to charge your vehicle.

Federal Tax Credit

EV purchases may qualify for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500 for new all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Tax credit

Utah Incentives

Incentives are available for charging stations, including fast charging stations, workplace and multifamily Level 2 charging.

Charging station incentives

Utah Rate Options

New time-of-use rate plans are available for EV owners in Utah.

Utah EV time-of-use pilot

Live Electric

Live Electric is a community-based effort to promote EVs and smart mobility.

Visit Live Electric

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Customer Service

Customer service

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