Subscriber Solar Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

How does Rocky Mountain Power's Subscriber Solar program work?

Rocky Mountain Power's Subscriber Solar offers customers an affordable and convenient way to meet their electricity needs with locally generated solar power without having to install rooftop solar panels. Customers can buy some or all of their power from a Utah solar plant and reduce their energy use from conventional sources. The Utah Public Service Commission approved the Subscriber Solar program.  Solar facilities are on-line!

What are the benefits of participation?
  • Subscriber Solar offers Utah customers a new choice to directly benefit from solar – especially those who cannot afford to buy solar panels, don’t want to maintain solar panels or whose roof orientation is not suited for solar panels and traditional net metering.
  • Subscriber Solar is convenient for Utah customers.
  • High-use residential customers could save money with subscriber solar during high-peak months.
  • The power generation portion of customers’ bills will be locked in and it will not be subject to future rate increases during the duration of their subscription. Transmission and distribution costs, continue to be subject to future rate changes.
  • Subscriber Solar is backed up with Rocky Mountain Power’s trusted, reliable 24-hour-a-day service.
  • Your subscription travels with your service as long as you reside or do business in Rocky Mountain Power’s Utah Service Territory. A map is located here (PDF).
What are the terms and conditions of enrollment?
  • Net-metered customers are exempt from enrolling in Subscriber Solar.
  • A $50 termination fee will be charged for each subscription block if cancellation is made prior to the three-year anniversary enrollment date.


How much does the program cost?

Subscriber Solar blocks are sold in 1 kilowatt increments, currently estimated to produce 200 kilowatt-hours per month.

The power generation portion of customers’ bills will be locked in and it will not be subject to future rate increases during the duration of their subscription. Transmission and distribution costs, continue to be subject to future rate changes.

Example of a residential customer bill on Subscriber Solar with 2 solar blocks »

Example of a general service bill on Subscriber Solar »

Example of a general service bill on Time of Day with Subscriber Solar »

Example of a general service for small commercial customers on Subscriber Solar »

If I don’t enroll, will this program affect my electric bill?

No.  The program is designed to have no financial impact on non-participating Rocky Mountain Power customers.

If I enroll in the program will it reduce my electric bills?

The program could potentially reduce electric bills for some customers during the summer. High-energy users may pay less during the summer months when their energy use would put them into the higher Tier 3 summer residential rate, which is currently 14.5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

How can customers calculate potential cost or savings?

Visit our calculator to estimate the cost impact on your bill.

Solar resource

Where is the solar project located?

Right here in Utah. More than 81,000 solar panels installed at the new plant (near Holden in Millard County) are generating solar energy for more than 2,500 residential, commercial and community customers who signed up for the Subscriber Solar program. Customers like North Salt Lake City, Designer Mantels Plus, Red Rock Bakery and Live Earth products are supporting renewable generation and making a difference.

What are the differences between Blue Sky and Subscriber Solar?

Blue Sky renewable energy

Rocky Mountain Power introduced the Blue Sky renewable energy program more than 15 years ago. For as little as $1.95 per month, Blue Sky makes it easy for customers to support renewable energy in the region. When customers choose Blue Sky, Rocky Mountain Power purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs) from regional renewable energy facilities. This guarantees that renewable energy is delivered to the regional power pool, reducing the need for non-renewable energy and creating measurable environmental benefits. Blue Sky Block funds have also provided for more than 100 community renewable energy projects in Utah since. More information about Blue Sky »

Subscriber Solar

This new option offers customers a way to meet all or part of their electric needs with solar power generated from a newly-built Utah solar facility without installing rooftop solar panels. Participating customers will benefit from solar energy produced by Utah-based solar facilities, directly support development of new solar projects and ultimately increase solar generation in the state.

How can I sign up?

How can I sign up?

Our Subscriber Solar program, which allows customers to get to some or all of their energy from solar power, is fully subscribed. We invite interested customers to join the wait list. As blocks become available, customers on the wait list can reserve them. You can join the wait list now by contacting a Subscriber Solar agent at 1-844-813-3971.

How can I change or cancel my Subscriber Solar subscription?

Call 1-844-813-3971 to make changes to your subscription.

Reminder: You have 30 days to cancel your Subscription from the time you sign-up for the program with no obligation. A $50 cancellation fee may be charged if you cancel after 30 days. If you cancel from the program after 3 years, no cancellation fees will apply.

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