Blue Sky Mobile Coupons

Enjoy great deals from Blue Sky business partners

We have partnered with Chinook Book to deliver our Blue Sky customers coupons from great local businesses that participate in the Blue Sky renewable energy program.

These mobile coupons are an easy way to support local sustainable businesses – and save money right from your iPhone or Android phone. 
Here’s how it works:
Our Blue Sky residential customers can access Blue Sky mobile coupons through the Chinook Book mobile app, using a unique coupon unlock code. This code will be provided to Blue Sky customers in their year-end Blue Sky report or upon enrollment in the program.
To access the coupons, just follow these steps:
  1. Download the Chinook Book app from the App Store or Google Play. 
  2. Create an account in the app using your email address.
  3. When creating your account, enter the unique coupon code you received from Rocky Mountain Power.

Redeeming mobile coupons is easy. Watch this short video

Current coupon offerings »

Questions about how to use the app?
Learn how to share your account with family members and find answers to other frequently asked questions at the link below.
Tips and help on using the Chinook Book app

Don't have a smartphone?
If you are a current Blue Sky customer but do not have an iPhone or Android phone, preview the current coupon offerings, then email to receive a printed copy of these coupons. Please provide your mobile unlock or unique code via email or have it ready when calling in order to process your request.

Are you a Blue Sky business that would like to offer a coupon?

Other questions?


Each discount is offered at the discretion of the business listed on the coupon. Rocky Mountain Power does not determine the value of Blue Sky mobile coupons or offers and cannot and does not guarantee any of the offers available through the Chinook Book app. These coupons do not affect a customer’s ability to participate in the Blue Sky program and have no effect on electric service from Rocky Mountain Power.
Rocky Mountain Power respects your privacy and will not collect any personal information submitted through this app. Rocky Mountain Power may collect aggregate information for purposes of measuring the success of the program.

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