Natural History Museum of Utah - Rio Tinto Center

Utah Natural History Museum

As part of their goal to create a facility that can serve as a planning resource for the region’s future, the Utah Museum of Natural History was inspired to install a 330-kilowatt solar array atop their roof. Thanks in part to a Blue Sky award, the museum now houses over 1,300 solar panels that generate enough electricity to offset close to 25 percent of the facility’s energy needs.

The system is part of the Museum’s Energy and Energy Efficiency Trail – a series of energy-related exhibits and interpretive, educational materials that tell the complete story of energy, how the solar array works, displays the system’s live generation information, and examines how one’s carbon footprint relates to climate change. The exhibit also showcases the facility’s journey to LEED certification and the ways in which the Museum collaborated with Rocky Mountain Power to incorporate a variety of cost-saving energy efficiency measures into the building’s architectural design and engineering.

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