South Salt Lake Columbus Community Center - Addition

South Salt Lake Columbus Center

The South Salt Lake Columbus Center is a community hub that houses a public library, gymnasium, senior center, small K-8 charter school and the County Parks and Recreation headquarters.

This 9.75-kilowatt addition to the array was the final phase of a multi-year project, which will complete their 46.11-kilowatt installation (an earlier 8.77 kilowatt phase of this project was partially funded by Blue Sky). The goal of installing this array is to educate the local community on the impacts and benefits of renewable energy. Visitors of the center can view the system’s generation and associated environmental benefits.

In addition to the solar panel projects that the Columbus Center has implemented, the facility also uses some principles of sustainable living – upgrading to energy-efficient lighting in the gymnasium, implementing the first recycling program in any South Salt Lake city buildings and retaining all storm water from their facility on site.

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