Salt Lake City – Plaza 349 Building


This 34.6-kilowatt roof-mounted solar project is located on a six-story building located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City that houses a number of core functions of the City including the Prosecutor’s office, business licensing, engineering, as well as the department of information management services, which serves as the main data center for the city.

The installation is part of a remodeling project intended to maximize the energy efficiency of the building.
A series of catwalks on an adjacent historical building will provide thousands of elementary students and community members who tour the historical building exposure to this project. This project includes a display in the lobby of the Plaza 349 building that shows the renewable energy production of the system and serves as a tool to increase public awareness about renewable energy and the benefits of photovoltaic technology – reaching all who come to the building.

The project will also expected to serve as a laboratory and hands-on educational tool that Salt lake Community College faculty can use for training students.

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