Outage FAQ

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What do I do if my power goes out?

First, check to see if power is out throughout your home or business. If not, check your circuit breaker box to see if a switch has tripped or your fuse box to see if a fuse has blown. Then, look for lights on in your neighbors' homes.

Report your outage:

Text us at 759677

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Use the Rocky Mountain Power app

Call us toll free at 1-877-508-5088

Keep refrigerators and freezers closed to reduce food spoilage. If unopened and full, food can last for two days.

Why do I have to report my outage?

The more outage reports we receive, the quicker we are able to diagnose the cause of an outage. Our outage management system helps us analyze the outage based on outage reports we receive in a given area and where the affected homes and businesses are on the electrical circuit. Our crews can respond more efficiently and quickly if they have this information.

Why does my neighbor have power but I do not?
It depends on the cause of the outage. They may receive electricity from a different power line or be on a different circuit.
Don't you know my power is out?

Not necessarily. Your power outage may be isolated to your electrical equipment, such as your breaker, conductor, service attachment, mast or meter socket.

Why do you ask so many questions when I call to report an outage?
The more information we have, the quicker we can track down the cause of the outage. We appreciate your patience while we ask those questions.
How do you decide whose power to restore first?

We get to work immediately to pinpoint the problem, clear downed power lines to help keep customers safe and restore power to critical services. Then, we work to restore power to concentrated areas to get the greatest numbers of homes and businesses up and running as quickly as possible. Lean more about the steps we take to restore power »

Will I receive a refund for the time I am without power?
Electricity is metered so you're never charged for power you don't use.

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