Power Outages

Outage restoration

Choose your state below for updates on select outages in your area. Information is typically posted for outages affecting more than 500 customers.

To report an outage or receive an update on a current outage in your area, please call toll free 1-877-508-5088. 

Outage Safety

Your safety during a power outage – and at all times – is important to us. Generators can pose a risk if not used properly. If you see a power line on the ground, stay away and call 911.

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Outage Video

We do our best to protect the reliability of your electric service. Still, outages sometimes happen. Learn how to report an outage and how we restore power.

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We can send you an easy-to-remove, glow-in-the dark sticker so you know how to reach us in case of an outage.

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Equipment Ownership

Sometimes during a storm, the service mast can be pulled away from a house. Our crews can only work on company-owned equipment, so you may need to replace the mast before we can safely switch power back on.

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Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service

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