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Is the ballpark estimate applicable to power extensions other than single-family residential?

No. The estimate is based on design and costs specific to new single family residential type service and does not apply to services in subdivisions, apartment complexes or any non-residential application.

I want underground facilities extended to my home. Are the trenching related costs included in this estimate?

No. Any trenching and conduit costs required if you choose underground power are in addition to the ballpark estimate.

Will I have to provide an easement for new power facilities?

It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain any easements required. An estimator will make the determination and provide the easement documents at the appropriate time. The applicant’s responsibility is to provide property information, and return signed, notarized originals for recording.

Does Rocky Mountain Power contribute toward the line extension costs to my new residence?

Rocky Mountain Power will apply a residential allowance credit applicable to the state your new home is built in when determining line extension costs. You will be responsible for the difference. This residential credit has already been applied to your ballpark estimate.

Are there other power related costs to consider in addition to the ballpark estimate figure?

Some additional costs you could encounter are:

  • For underground electricity, trenching and conduit costs are in addition to the ballpark estimate.
  • Reimbursements from previous customers. Applicants have a right to receive a partial refund for facilities they pay to extend that are used by others within five years. Reimbursements do not apply to most extensions, and are not included in the ballpark estimates.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain any required easements or permits. If your neighbor demands compensation before signing an easement, that will be your responsibility and is not included in the ballpark estimate.
  • Unique terrain or conditions are not considered in the ballpark estimate.
    • Costs to clear a path for electrical facilities are not part of the ballpark estimate. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide a location free of trees, vegetation or any other obstructions that conflict with the installation or maintenance of power.

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