Small Business Direct

Rocky Mountain Power will be enrolling customers in:

Towns Enrollment period starts Enrollment period ends
Douglas May 6, 2019 June 21, 2019
Thermopolis, Kirby and Worland July 8, 2019 August 23, 2019

To learn more, please call toll free at 844-712-6232, email or ENROLL.


Small Business Direct offers incentives to help small businesses save energy, money and time.

Consider upgrades to more efficient LED lighting in retail display, recessed lights and exterior building mounted lights, and advanced power strips.

What is wattsmart Small Business Direct and how does it work?

Rocky Mountain Power has developed an enhanced offer to help eligible small business customers in selected areas, save energy, money and time when upgrading existing lighting and non-lighting systems.

The offer covers some of the most common interior and exterior lighting upgrades, such as replacement of screw-in incandescent, CFL lamps, wall packs, T8, and T12 fluorescent lamps, with LED lighting technologies. The offer will provide enrolled customers with turn-key energy services, including an energy assessment, project retrofit options and costs, scheduling and retrofit project installation and management.

Rocky Mountain Power will provide a list of eligible locations within its service territory where customers may enroll in wattsmart Small Business Direct for a limited time. Only customers in the designated participation areas are eligible to participate. Those not in the selected areas may sign up to be informed of future small business offers.

This offer is designed to provide Wyoming small business customers on schedules 25 and 28 with a monthly demand of less than 200 kW a month in the past 12 months with an enhanced incentive offer and the installation of energy-efficient equipment in their facilities. To promote cost-effective delivery to this market sector, the program will offer targeted services to selected communities for a limited duration of time.

With 75% of the projects cost covered by available incentive, customers will have a co-pay of 25% and a typical maximum simple payback of less 22 months.

Program delivery and enrollment efforts will include:

  • Community-based awareness and engagement through, civil organizations, trade associations and community events. Qualifying customer enrollment through online application maintained on the program website and in-person paper applications through events or program solicitations.
    Scheduled energy assessments identifying qualifying energy-saving measures.
  • Assessments will quantify the project level energy savings and out-of-pocket cost for customers wishing to participate.
  • Installation of the project is scheduled typically 2 to 3 weeks after the onsite assessment is completed.
  • Post-installation inspection will be completed typically 24 to 48 hours after the project installation has been completed.
STEPS for Small Business Direct
  1. Enroll online to schedule an on-site energy assessment conducted by a wattsmart Small Business Direct technician. To see if you qualify, just call us at 844-712-6232 or email.
  2. Review and approve your energy assessment and project proposal. Your project proposal will include an instant incentive for eligible energy-saving project costs. The wattsmart Small Business Direct team will take care of the installation and paperwork.
  3. The wattsmart Small Business Direct contractor will complete your project installation. We may request to inspect your lighting upgrades to verify energy savings and quality of installation.
  4. Pay the wattsmart Small Business Direct project representative your co-pay.
  5. Enjoy energy saving and better lighting! With lighting accounting for 20-50 percent of typical energy use in small businesses, you can rest assured that the choice you’ve made to upgrade lighting in your business will positively impact your bottom line for years to come.
What are the benefits of wattsmart Small Business Direct?
  • Rocky Mountain Power incentives may cover up to 75% of the energy retrofit costs up to $4,000 (customer responsible for a 25% co-pay.)
  • Typical projects will have no more than 24 months simple payback.
  • Reduce operating costs to increase profitability.
  • Increase customer comfort to improve sales.
  • Enhance employee productivity.
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce potential hazards.
  • Raise the value of the business and its appearance.
How do I get an incentive and how much will my incentive be?

When participating in wattsmart Small Business Direct you will receive an instant incentive based on the energy savings of the retrofit project on a cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) saved basis. Your incentive comes in the form of Rocky Mountain Power paying for 75 percent of the project materials and installation up to $4,000. Customers do not receive any incentives in the form of monetary payouts through this program. The total incentive will be applied to the project costs and you will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Example of Typical Small Business Direct Project

Hours of operation (Example: M-F
7 a.m.- 8 p.m.)
Annual energy savings/kWh Total project cost Instant incentive (75% of project costs)
25% customer co-pay (applied on invoice) Simple payback (months)
11,909 $5,081 $3,810 $1,270 23
How will I know if incentives or costs I’m responsible for change?

Incentives will range up to $5,000 per facility, with a customer co-pay range of 10-25 percent. The current offered incentive per facility will be up to $4,000 with a customer co-pay of 25 percent for project costs. If the current offered incentive or customer co-pay changes within their respective ranges, a 45-day notice will be posted to this website indicating what the new offered incentive amount and customer co-pay will be at the end of the 45-day notice.

When do I apply?

Rocky Mountain Power will be reaching out to you and your community if you are on the location schedule. You can enroll online or request an enrollment form to be emailed or mailed to your location. For more information, please call toll free 844-712-6232 or email.

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