Frequently Asked Questions

To help you determine if Small Business Direct is right for you, please see answers to commonly asked questions below:

Who can participate in wattsmart Small Business Direct?

In selected participating areas, for a limited time, the following customers will be eligible:

Non-residential facilities on Idaho rate schedules 6, 6A, 23, 23A 35 and 35A not in excess of 200 kW demand monthly in the last twelve months (Demand can be found on customer bills or call wattsmart Small Business Direct toll free at 844-712-6232.)

How can I participate in wattsmart Small Business Direct?

Enroll online, call toll free 844-712-6232 or email to see when/if the offer is coming to your area and if you qualify. You can also check the locations listed on the website (locations are subject to change.)

Is there a cost to participate?

Yes, wattsmart Small Business Direct requires a 25% co-pay of the total costs. The amount of the co-pay will depend on the total of the eligible project costs. Below is an example of the economics of a typical Small Business Direct project.

Example of Typical Small Business Direct Project

Hours of operation (Example: M-F
7 a.m.- 8 p.m.)
Annual energy savings/kWh Total project cost Instant incentive (75% of project costs)
25% customer co-pay (applied on invoice) Simple payback (months
10,245 $3,920 $2,940 $980 13
What if I can’t afford participation costs?

If you’re unable to participate in Small Business Direct low- and no-cost energy-saving tips and ideas can help you save. The assessment performed by the Small Business Direct contractor will be provided to you for potential future installation. Customers who may not have the funds at hand to participate now may engage a wattsmart Business Vendor for standard lighting incentives in the future.

Can incentives go up or down if I delay my project/participation?

Incentives are available for projects that are completed by the wattsmart Small Business Direct program contractor. All projects must be completed during the time period when the offer is available in the participating location. Customers can choose whether or not they participate during the designated enrollment time period. Customers who may not have the funds to participate in the Small Business Direct program may engage a wattsmart Business Vendor for standard lighting incentives at any time in the future.

When will I receive my incentive?

When a customer enrolls and schedules an energy retrofit project, the incentive is instantly calculated to offset some of the costs of the project. The customer only has to pay for the project co-pay of 25 percent. Your incentive comes in the form of Rocky Mountain Power paying for 75 percent of the project materials and installation up to $7,500. Customers do not receive any incentives in the form of monetary payouts through this program.

What types of projects are available?

wattsmart Small Business Direct projects will be limited to the primary energy using devices within small businesses including lighting, plug-load and HVAC retrofit projects.

What equipment may be installed as part of my project?

Eligible project equipment will be limited to the qualified equipment list below:

Measure Type Efficient Equipment
TLED 2 ft. lamp (including ballast)
TLED 4 ft. lamp (including ballast)
TLED 8 ft. lamp (including ballast)
LED HID replacement lamp
LED Exterior Wall Pack lamp
LED Exterior Wall Pack lamp
Plug-Load Advanced Power Strip

All lighting equipment in the qualified equipment list is also certified by organizations including ENERGY STAR® and Consortium for Energy Efficiency. Non-lighting equipment on the qualified equipment list is assessed and certified by the wattsmart Business program.

Eligible project equipment will change over time as market prices for materials change and new technologies become available. Not all lighting equipment is available in all replacement wattages or color temperatures. For the most current list of qualifying equipment be sure to frequently check this webpage or contact a Small Business Direct representative. All equipment will be provided and installed by a wattsmart Small Business Direct contractor.

Who has oversight of my project?

Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Small Business Direct program administrator, Willdan Energy Solutions will provide program management services for Small Business Direct project services. Willdan Energy Solutions has been contracted by Rocky Mountain Power to work in partnership with small businesses across the state to provide valuable outcomes to customers that save energy and money.

Is wattsmart Small Business Direct available in my area?

Available locations are listed on the website or call toll free at 844-712-6232 for more information.

Who is Willdan Energy Solutions?

Willdan Energy Solutions is the wattsmart Small Business Direct program administrator working on behalf of Rocky Mountain Power to provide small businesses outreach and project management services.

What if I have a question or encounter a problem?

Please call toll free at 844-712-6232 or email

What commitments are required?

In order to participate in the program, eligible customers must schedule their energy assessment and retrofit project within the timeline of the participating offer in a given location. wattsmart Small Business Direct will contact you to schedule. Please enroll online, call toll free at 844-712-6232 or email for more information.

What if I can’t meet my commitments?

If you are unable to meet the timeline requirements, you will be unenrolled from the program and placed on a callback list for the next time the program is in your community, or you may participate in other wattsmart Business offers that are available. wattsmart Business Vendors are always available to assist all customers and are trained on current program offerings.

What documentation is needed to participate?

To schedule an energy assessment, enroll online or call toll free 844-712-6232. To start your energy retrofit project, you will be asked to sign a project agreement form.

What’s required for participation?
  • Customer has to meet eligibility requirements (see "Who can participate in wattsmart Small Business Direct" in the Q&A above)
  • Complete enrollment form and allow assessment to occur during designated period
  • Complete the project agreement form and agree to a time within the install period
What lighting and non-lighting upgrades qualify?

The program will offer the replacement of general space lighting and other energy- saving technologies such as:

  • Retail display, recessed lights and exterior building mounted lights.
  • Other energy-saving technologies like advanced (motion-sensing) power strips.
How much energy and money will I save?

Your wattsmart Small Business Direct energy assessor will be able to provide you with an estimate of energy and cost savings once the on-site energy assessment is completed at your location. wattsmart Small Business Direct project representatives have been trained to ensure they present you with the best options for your business.

According to ENERGY STAR®, lighting accounts for 20-50 percent of energy used in businesses. Improving your lighting equipment will reduce your energy use and costs. In addition, you’re likely to experience improved light quality and color, as well as reduced lighting maintenance costs.

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