Advanced Rooftop Controls

Get cash-back and reduce energy costs with the installation of advanced rooftop controls. Significant energy savings can be achieved by installing controls that optimize HVAC equipment during heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning modes.

Benefits of advanced rooftop controls
  • Lower utility costs – you can see on average 25 to 60 percent in energy savings.
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Optimize system performance through remote monitoring
  • Enhance indoor air quality
  • Improve comfort
Steps for advanced rooftop controls
  1. Obtain an advanced rooftop control incentive application package (PDF) from us or a wattsmart Business Vendor. The package includes the general application, application supplement, and IRS Form W-9. Pre-approval is recommended but not required for advanced rooftop control applications.
  2. Purchase and install qualifying controls at an eligible location.
  3. Submit your incentive application package. Here are instructions for IRS Form W-9 (PDF).
  4. Receive incentive check within 45 days of completion of step 3.
Doing something that's not on the list?

Contact us. Your project may qualify for a custom analysis and incentive. Note - custom incentives require pre-approval. The next steps are: we complete an energy analysis, provide you with an incentive offer letter, and you sign and return the offer letter prior to purchasing equipment or contracting for installation.

Before you start your project
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