Energy Project Manager Co-Funding

Your success at capturing wattsmart Business incentives can lead to an internal demand for more energy efficiency projects. This demand can mean that it’s time to hire, retain, or contract with a dedicated Energy Project Manager. We’ve anticipated this and want to partner with you to co-fund the position!

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To participate, we need to identify a potential for at least 1,000,000 kWh in energy savings through the wattsmart Business program. This potential can come from listed incentives, custom energy analysis or energy management.

How much is the Energy Project Manager Co-funding?

We can fund an additional $0.025/per kWh of verified wattsmart Business energy savings, up to 100 percent of your Energy Project Manager’s salary.

Payment No. Payment Amount Milestone
1 - Initial payment 1/3 of funding amount* (not to exceed $25,000)
  1. You select an Energy Project Manager
  2. We work together on  Comprehensive Plan for electric energy savings
  3. You sign the Energy Project Manager Offer
2 - Final payment $0.025 per kWh of energy savings achieved, to a maximum 100 percent of approved Energy Project Manager Salary and less the initial payment
  1. At the end of performance period as defined in the Energy Project Manager Offer

*Funding amount is based on the lesser of (a) $0.025 per kWh or (b) the total annual cost of the Energy Project Manager (salary plus benefits). 

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