Utah Renewable Energy Tariff

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Rocky Mountain Power offers a renewable energy tariff for large energy customers with renewable goals. Customers can get 100 percent renewable energy from existing resources or the energy company can build another renewable project or purchase from one.

Our customers have been telling us they want more options to use renewable energy. We worked with government, business and education leaders to provide those options in the most cost-effective way – and in a manner that doesn’t economically affect other customers.

The Schedule 34 Renewable Energy Tariff (PDF) was authorized by the Utah Public Service Commission after the Utah legislature approved the Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan in 2016.

The renewable energy tariff does the following:

  • The customer pays 100 percent of the costs of the renewable energy.
  • Other customers are not harmed because the tariff does not have any subsidies.
  • Each contract could result in a substantial amount of new renewable resources in Utah, creating additional economic development in rural Utah.
  • The tariff paves the way for companies with renewable goals to consider building their new facilities in Utah.
How much energy would a customer need to use to qualify for the tariff?

The customer must have an aggregated electric load of at least 5,000 kilowatts based on an annual peak load. A customer may combine different metered delivery points to meet the 5,000 kilowatt threshold.

How much will the renewable energy cost?

The rates will be based on the customer’s normal rate plus administrative fees and any costs to supply renewable energy. Rocky Mountain Power will work with the customer to identify the renewable resource. Customers will decide if any additional costs are worth meeting their renewable energy goals.

The renewable energy cost will be calculated as follows:

  • For existing customers, the Renewable Energy Rate is a charge equal to the difference between the cost to supply renewable energy to the customer and the avoided costs as defined in Utah Code Annotated § 54-2-1(1).
  • For a new customer or expansion by an existing customer, the Renewable Energy Rate may be based on a different methodology which will be defined in the contract and approved by the Public Service Commission.

The fees include the following:

  • $110 administrative fee for each generation source.
  • $150 for the first delivery point, $50 for each additional delivery point
  • A $5,000 non-refundable application fee

The customer would continue to pay any additional renewable energy costs if the contract is terminated early.  

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