Application Process

Please Note: We recently changed our application process.

Logging In & Account Creation

New Applicants: Applicants for foundation grant support should create an account on the PacifiCorp Foundation Grant Application Portal. The account will be reviewed for eligibility and you will receive login credentials within two business days via email.

Previous Applicants: If you have previously applied for a foundation grant, your login username is your email address and you should click on “Reset or create password”. If that doesn't work, please create an account.

You may create multiple individual accounts for each organization.

Application Information

All applicants should submit an application using the online grant application portal. To access the application, login to the portal and click on the link in the navigation column to the left titled “Apply for a Grant”. Then click on the application link for the cycle that most closely matches your organization, not the project. An organization may also submit a request for small capital funding during any of the four cycles. The maximum amount available for small capital grants is $5,000.

Please complete and submit your application on or before the cycle deadline. The proposal may be saved in draft form for you to return and finish later. Please note that you are required to attach a formal letter of request and endorsement from an Executive Director or Board Member, including a brief overview of the project, budget/financials, and any other relevant information they may wish to discuss. You will not be able to submit your application without attaching the Letter of Endorsement in the Documents section at the bottom of the application form. To attach the document, click on the plus sign to the right, click on add files, select the file, click start upload and X out when complete.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:  

  • Project Title / Name of Program;
  • Project Summary (very brief description of the request – 300 characters or less);
  • Amount requested (typical grants are between $2,000 and $5,000);
  • Estimated number of people served by the requested funding;
  • Communities served by requested funding
  • Project start and end dates;
  • Project/Program Description (why the project is important and merits support);
  • Project Budget;
  • Challenges/Risks and Mitigation efforts;
  • Expected results;
  • Sustainability (do you have plans to continue the project beyond the grant period?);
  • Other contributors;
  • Affiliation with the Foundation and/or PacifiCorp Employees;
  • How you will recognize the Foundation for the grant;
  • Other funds received from PacifiCorp sources (If you have received a Pacific Power Foundation or Rocky Mountain Power Foundation grant in the past, describe how the funds were used and if/how the results were measured.);
  • Letter of Endorsement to be attached (Signed acknowledgement by the organization's chief executive officer that the organization's governing body has approved the proposal to the Foundation);
  • Any other documents, media, grant reports that you would like to attach.

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