Docket 20000 520 EA 17

Application for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Nontraditional Ratemaking for Wind and Transmission Facilities

04/12/19 Quarterly Easement Status Update

04/08/19 Compliance Filing Supplemental Filing No 3

04/02/19 Compliance Filing

04/02/19 Compliance Filing Supplemental Filing No 2

03/27/19 Compliance Filing

03/07/19 Compliance Filing

11/30/18 Compliance Filing

11/14/18 Response in Opposition to Request for Stay

07/25/18 Compliance Filing

07/12/18 Quarterly Easement Status Update

04/16/18 Joint Compliance Filing

04/02/18 Motion to Submit Additional Exhibits

03/26/18 Pre-Hearing Reports

03/14/18 Supplemental Rebuttal Testimony

02/23/18 Corrected Supplemental and Second Supplemental Direct Testimony

02/16/18 Second Supplemental Direct Testimony

02/15/18 Opposition to Petition to Intervene

02/06/18 Reply in Support of Motion to Strike or Otherwise Limit Testimony

01/31/18 Chad A Teply Replacement Exhibits

01/26/18 Motion to Vacate and Amend Procedural Schedule

01/18/18 Rick T Link Replacement Exhibit

01/16/18 Supplemental Direct Testimony

01/08/18 Supplemental Rebuttal Testimony

01/08/18 Motion to Strike or Limit Testimony

12/18/17 Rebuttal Testimony

11/22/17 Opposition to Petition to Intervene

09/20/17 Updated List of Affected Landowners

09/05/17 List of Affected Landowners

07/06/17 Notice of Application

06/30/17 Application and Direct Testimony and Exhibits