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This section contains rules/regulations and tariff schedules that are currently in effect. PacifiCorp seeks to keep this information accurate and current.  However, the only tariffs that are actually in force are on file with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.

Rate Schedules

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Advice filings, applications and associated testimony & selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the Commission for approval can be found in this section.  Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

Filing # Filing Title

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Case No PAC E 15 10

Application to Update Electric Service Regulation No. 13 - Curtailment Plan for Electric Energy

06/25/15 Application and Direct Testimony
pdf ID PAC E 15 10 Curtailment Plan Reg 13

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Case No PAC E 16 14

Application Requesting a Prudency Determination on Demand-Side Management Expenditures

10/11/2016 Application
pdf PAC E 16 14 2014-2015 DSM Prudency Application

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Case No PAC E 15 16

Application for Approval of the 2017 Protocol

12/31/15 Application and Direct Testimony
pdf ID PAC E 15 16 Application and Direct Testimony

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Case No PAC E 15 17

Application for Approval of the Disposition of Certain Facilities Pursuant to a Purchase and Transfer Agreement with Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

12/31/15 Application
pdf ID PAC E 15 17 NTUA Application

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Case No PAC E 16 06

Regulation No. 9 - Deposits and Advance Payments

02/16/16 Application
pdf Regulation 9

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Case No PAC E 15 15

Application for Approval of the Asset Purchase Agreement between Rocky Mountain Power and the City of Idaho Falls

12/08/15 Application
pdf ID PAC E 15 15 Idaho Falls Asset Purchase

As part of the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act (NW Power Act), the Residential Exchange Program (REP) was created to provide residential, small farm and irrigation/pumping customers of Pacific Northwest utilities a form of access to low-cost Federal power. Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Rocky Mountain Power are parties to the Residential Exchange Program Settlement Implementation Agreement, BPA Contract No. 11PB-12466 under which BPA provides REP benefits to Rocky Mountain Power during the term of the Agreement.  These benefits are passed on to the residential, small farm and irrigation/pumping customers of the utility.   Under the terms of the Agreement, BPA has the right to review and make determinations regarding the benefits eligibility of Rocky Mountain Power’s residential, small farm and irrigation/pumping loads.

BPA developed the Customer Load Eligibility Guidelines (CLEG) to provide guidance to REP participating utilities in determining whether residential, farm, and irrigation/pumping loads are eligible for REP benefits under the NW Power Act.  Specifically, the CLEG provides guidance to utilities regarding a variety of issues related to eligible and ineligible retail customers under the REP.  The CLEG is intended to be used as guidelines only, and may be revised or cancelled by BPA at any time.  If Rocky Mountain Power cannot confirm a customer’s eligibility to BPA’s satisfaction, the customer will not be eligible for the REP benefits.

Each customer claiming a credit under eligible residential, general service, or irrigation/pumping electrical loads at or above 100,000 kilowatt hours per year, and irrigation/pumping load at or above 250,000 kilowatt hours per year must file with Rocky Mountain Power a certificate at least once every ten years to be eligible for the BPA REP benefits.

  • A residence is a structure used by one or more persons for daily living and associated activities.
  • A farm consists of one or more parcels of land owned or leased by one or more persons or entities (including partnerships, corporations, and any legal entity capable of owning farm land except the government as defined as Federal, state, and local agencies in the CLEG) that is used primarily for agriculture.
  • A qualified irrigation/pumping load may receive benefits up to a maximum 400 horsepower per month (222,000 kilowatt hours per month) of qualified irrigation/pumping load consumed by the specific farm. If the owner of a large farm attempts to subdivide the farm into smaller parcels in order to increase the amount of benefits, the farmer would be subverting the intent of Congress. Such subdivision is not permitted.  A farm's monthly irrigation and pumping load qualifying hereunder for each billing period shall not exceed the amount of energy determined by the following formula:  7161.6 kWh x days in billing period provided, however, that this amount shall not ex­ceed the Farm's measured energy for the same billing period. 

For more information on REP eligibility, please refer to BPA’s CLEG. If you determine you may qualify for the BPA REP credit, please print/complete the applicable Certificate, and return to:

BPA Certification
Rocky Mountain Power
P. O. Box 25308
Salt Lake City, UT  84125-9925

Please call us toll free at 1-800-715-9238, Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. if you have questions about the BPA Columbia River Residential Exchange Program.

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