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September 12, 2014

Why Rocky Mountain Power wants to serve Eagle Mountain City

The Eagle Mountain City Council voted August 19 to support Rocky Mountain Power’s bid to provide electric services for the city. On November 4, the citizens of Eagle Mountain City will have the opportunity to vote and have the final say on the sale. Here are just some of the reasons Rocky Mountain Power would like to serve Eagle Mountain City:

1) Better prices and service

Rocky Mountain Power linemen

Although our rates are designed differently, Rocky Mountain Power offers lower overall electricity prices for many residential customers and much lower prices for commercial customers in Eagle Mountain City. The company has some of the lowest rates in Utah and the U.S.

A typical residential customer in Eagle Mountain City would have saved $1,820 over the past 10 years if service had been provided by Rocky Mountain Power.

EMC RMP 10-Year Cost Comparison

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The Utah Public Service Commission has set a 1 percent increase for 2015, and rates are expected to range from 0.5 to 3 percent more over the following four years. Rocky Mountain Power has already completed major investments in new power plants and improved environmental controls, which can lead to price increases.

If customers have an outage or a question about their bill, they can call customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The small but highly capable Eagle Mountain City electricity employees will have the back-up of the 6,000 employees at Rocky Mountain Power to give residents the support they deserve. Plus, Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart programs offer incentives to help residents use less energy and save money.

2) Reduce the city’s debts and obligations

Rocky Mountain Power’s offer of $21.6 million would eliminate the city’s electric utility debt and provide additional funds to pay for the system’s infrastructure. Rocky Mountain Power will spend another $600,000 to make service to the city more reliable. The company also has the financial strength to handle future needs of the city.

3) Attract new jobs and businesses

Rocky Mountain Power has served Utah customers for 100 years and has the experience and resources to attract new companies that will provide jobs and increase our tax base. The company will provide planning assistance to meet electricity needs and respond to land use requirements.

We know Eagle Mountain City will grow and Rocky Mountain Power is the perfect partner to help the city plan and prosper from this growth. If you are an Eagle Mountain City resident and a taxpayer then it is in your best interest to vote for Rocky Mountain Power to provide our electric service. If you have additional questions you can send them to eaglemountainquestions@rockymountainpower.net.

Please take the time to vote on November 4 to make sure Eagle Mountain City’s future continues to look bright.

— Paul Murphy

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