Back to School Electrical Safety Rules for Kids

August 20, 2018

School children

It’s back to school time for many families, and while kids are brushing up on classroom rules it’s also a good time to review electrical safety for both the school yard and at home.

“Since electricity is so commonplace in our lives, it’s important to frequently reinforce safety messages to kids,” said Tom Davis, Rocky Mountain Power safety director.

  • NEVER plug a bunch of stuff into one outlet or extension cord. It could damage the electrical system in your house or even cause a fire.
  • DON’T use appliances or electronics near water like bathtubs, sink
  • LOOK up and look out for power lines before you climb a tree. The electricity can go right through the tree branch – and right through you.
  • NEVER climb the fence around an electrical substation. If a ball or pet gets inside the fence, ask a grown-up to call Rocky Mountain Power. Expert workers will come and get it out for you.
  • DON’T yank an electrical cord from the wall. Pulling on a cord can damage the appliance, the plug or the outlet.
  • FIND places far away from power lines or substations to fly your kite. The kite and the string may conduct electricity – sending it right through you to the ground.
  • ASK a grown-up put safety caps on all unused electrical outlets. Covering outlets will also help stop cold drafts in winter.

For more information, check out our electrical safety advice or call customer service toll free at 1-888-220-7070.

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