Salt Lake City Manufacturer Taking Giant Steps in Energy Efficiency

June 11, 2018


SALT LAKE CITY — Weir Minerals is making big strides in saving energy.

With the help of Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business incentives, the Salt Lake City rubber manufacturing company has saved over 1.4 million kilowatt hours, equivalent to the energy used to power 160 average sized homes.

Weir uses compressed air throughout its facility for machine and hand tools, sand blasting, and autoclave pressurization. The compressed air system operates 24 hours per day 7 days a week, using a considerable amount of energy.

Last year, Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business Program provided Weir a savings and incentive report focused on energy management opportunities and ways the company could save.

Since then Weir has replaced old air compressors, updated controls and made efforts in leak management – investing $332,597 to improve energy efficiency. The company also received $150,901 in wattsmart Business incentives and is now seeing $97,112 in energy savings.

“The project was a no brainer really,” said Ryan Custer, lean engineer at Weir. “We saw a drop in energy usage and peak kilowatt usage, with a slight increase in power factor. All of these equated to more money in our pocket and fewer monthly penalties.”

The wattsmart Business Program offers technical expertise and cash incentives for improving the energy efficiency of businesses. More information on saving energy and incentives for business and home owners can be found at  

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