Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Customers Award $1.8 Million to Community-Serving Organizations

March 07, 2018


This week Rocky Mountain Power announced more than $1.8 million in Blue Sky funding awards to support 15 renewable energy projects for community-serving organizations.

The Blue Sky grants will help build solar arrays that offset energy costs, allowing the organizations to focus more funding on the populations they serve. The projects will add an estimated 1.6 million kWh of renewable energy in their communities, which has the equivalent environmental benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 265 vehicles.

“These award recipients, which include public safety organizations, education institutions, and rescue and crisis facilities, were chosen for their positive impacts in the community and project stability,” said Keven Hoopiiaina, Blue Sky program manager. “We are grateful to our Blue Sky customers who make these grants possible.”

Blue Sky award recipients include:

  • Bluffdale City Fire #91
  • Bluffdale City Fire #92
  • Bluffdale City Hall
  • Utah State University
  • Ogden Rescue Mission
  • Your Community Connection Family Crisis Center, Ogden
  • Christian Center of Park City
  • Utah Department of Transportation
  • Summit County
  • Centro Civico, Salt Lake City
  • SLC Corporation, Salt Lake City
  • SpyHop, Salt Lake City
  • State of Utah Multi-Agency State Office Building
  • Community of Grace Presbyterian Church
  • WY Downtown Clinic, Laramie, Wyo.

“We are thrilled to receive Blue Sky funds to help support a large solar installation for the Sorenson Unity and Multi-Cultural centers - anchors in our west side neighborhoods,” said Mayor Jackie Biskupski. “Powering the campus with clean energy not only reduces our carbon footprint and saves energy costs, but will inspire and inform visitors of Salt Lake City’s broad shift towards renewable energy currently underway in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power.”

Since 2006, Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky customers have voluntarily supported wind and solar energy generation in the region. Blue Sky has provided more than $10 million in funding to community-based renewable energy projects.

Photo: Previously funded DaVinci Academy of Science and Arts solar project.

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