Don’t Rely on Your Neighbors to Report Power Outages

November 30, 2017


Rocky Mountain Power customers play a bigger role than you may think in getting the lights back on during an outage.

Line crews work hard to minimize power outages. But when outages do occur, the company is urging customers to report them because it helps workers find the source of the problem more quickly.

“When customers report that their power is out, it helps us identify where the outage is located and assists in pinpointing the issue causing the outage,” said Curt Mansfield, Rocky Mountain Power vice president of operations.

Customers sometimes opt to not report an outage because they assume that their neighbors have already reported it, or that the company has a mechanism that helps pinpoint where an outage has occurred in their neighborhood, which is not the case.

“Our technology lets us know what is happening on our generation and transmission systems as far the neighborhood substation. Beyond that, we don’t have a blinking light for every customer,” Mansfield said. “The more customers we have reporting an outage, the better the information we will have as we work to restore power.”

Customers can report at outage at, via the Rocky Mountain Power mobile app, or by phone at 1-877-508-5088.

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