Rocky Mountain Power’s New Online Outage Map Shows Where Power Is Out

June 01, 2017


Why did my power go out and when will it come back on? Those are always the first questions asked in any outage. Rocky Mountain Power’s new online map now provides more information than ever before about large and small disruptions – as small as an outage for a single customer.

Information from our dispatch center provides up-to-the-minute information about outages in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

The map can be found at

Here are some features of the map:

  • Timeliness. Updated every 15 minutes.
  • Size. The new map charts all outages with a red dot. The bigger the outage, the bigger the dot. The former outage page only highlighted outages involving more than 500 customers.
  • Location. The map shows a dot showing the approximate location of an outage to protect the privacy of customers. The previous outage page only showed the number of power disruptions in affected zip code areas.
  • Cause. This will let you know why the outage occurs as soon as it is determined what happened.
  • Restoration. Crews try to restore power as fast and safely as possible. The initial restoration time is usually estimated at three hours but restoration times are updated as soon as crews determine the damage and how long repairs will take. The dot disappears when the power is restored.

In coming weeks, the map will be available on the Rocky Mountain Power app. Customers can still call 1-877-508-5088 to report outages, receive updates or to find out additional information.

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