Line Crews Install New Osprey Platform to Help Protect Avian Wildlife

October 18, 2017


CASPER, Wyo. — This morning, in a move to increase safety for area-osprey, Rocky Mountain Power line crews installed a new raptor platform at the Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park outside of Casper.

The 55-foot platform will serve as a safe place for osprey or other raptors to safely nest, well away from power lines. The move was a collaborative effort between Rocky Mountain Power, the Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park, and Murie Audubon, which works to protect birds in their natural habitat and also initiated the project.

“Murie Audubon Society is excited for this new Osprey platform donated by Rocky Mountain Power,” said Zach Hutchinson, Audubon Community Naturalist. “This platform not only provides nesting opportunities for a vital raptor, but it will also create educational opportunities for the Casper community.”

Ospreys are often drawn to nest on utility poles along transmission and distribution lines. As the birds add material to their nests each year, they can eventually measure several feet across and weigh hundreds of pounds. These large nests on utility poles can cause, fires, outages and bird fatalities.

“These platforms help draw the birds away from building nests on the utility poles and provide a safe area to which they can return each year,” said Leslie Blythe, regional business manager for Rocky Mountain Power. “We donate a number of these platforms throughout our service area each year to help provide a safer environment for local wildlife.”

The nesting structure will sit across the North Platte River in a protected area, adjacent to an observation bench on the river bank, where visitors can watch the large birds.

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