DaVinci Academy’s Blue Sky-Funded Solar Array Helps Save Public Education Dollars

August 07, 2017


OGDEN, Utah — The DaVinci Academy of Science and Arts recently completed a 65 kilowatt solar system that will generate around 14 percent of the school’s annual usage.

School leaders say the solar array, funded in part by a $163,800 grant from Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky customers, will save thousands of public education dollars, which can then be used in the classroom to enhance learning.

“Our Blue Sky partnership has given DaVinci students and community members a true application of what it means to be energy efficient,” said Fred Donaldson, executive administrator of DaVinci Academy. “We are the stewards of not only our school facilities but also the ecological community, which we preserve through education and service."

“Non-profits are often working with tight budgets, and every dollar saved allows for more money to help the local community they serve,” said Chad Hofheins, owner of Synergy Power, who installed the array. “Donations made from customers who are part of programs like Blue Sky really do help non-profits and schools and we are excited to be part of these projects.”

The Blue Sky program provides an easy and convenient way for customers to support the development of renewable energy resources in the western United States and in their state. 

“We are grateful to our 44,000 Blue Sky customers who voluntarily support renewable energy production and help bring projects like this to life,” said Keven Hoopiiaina, Renewable Energy Manager for Rocky Mountain Power. 

Blue Sky customers have provided more than $8 million in funding awards to community-based renewable energy projects.

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TOP PHOTO: (left to right) Chris Lucas, Synergy Power; Fred Donaldson, DaVinci Academy of Science and Arts; Steve Rush, Rocky Mountain Power.

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