Rocky Mountain Power Announces Winners of the Act Wattsmart Video Contest

October 09, 2017


SALT LAKE CITY Rocky Mountain Power today announced the winners of the 2017 Act wattsmart Video Contest, with the grand-prize winner receiving $10,000 in energy-efficient home upgrades.

The contest, which ran from July through September, invited Utah residential Rocky Mountain Power customers to submit a video showing why saving energy is good for Utah and how they live wattsmart. A full list of the winning videos can be seen on Rocky Mountain Power’s website.

Judges selected Nick Dixon of Layton, Utah, as the grand-prize winner with his clever video, “Energenie.” The humorous video depicts a man asking a not-so-helpful genie for riches and world peace, which are granted with energy efficiency suggestions on how to save money and create a cleaner world. The video also includes tips for how Utah residents can live wattsmart.

“I often work from home and use a lot of electricity for what I do, so I’ve always tried to offset my electricity usage by making sure lights are turned off, I’m mindful of thermostat temperatures, and that I use the most energy-efficient equipment I can find,” said Dixon. “I feel like we have a responsibility to keep Utah beautiful and clean, and being wattsmart is a way for individuals to do their part. A lot of small changes add up quickly.”

For his winning video, Dixon will receive $10,000 in energy-efficient home upgrades courtesy of Rocky Mountain Power. The grand-prize winner is currently researching ways to maximize his winnings to create the most energy efficient impact on his home.

In addition to Dixon’s grand-prize winnings, the Act wattsmart Video Contest runner-up, Matthew Johnson of Orem, Utah, will receive $3,000 in energy-efficient home upgrades with his video “Wattsmart Machine.” Casey Wayman of West Haven, Utah, will take home $2,000 in energy-efficient home upgrades as the People’s Choice Award winner for his video, “The Wattagette.”

“We were thrilled with the videos submitted into this year’s Act wattsmart Video Contest,” said Tiffany Erickson, External Communications, Rocky Mountain Power. “The themes and ideas in each submission are a good barometer on how we are doing in regards to educating the general public about energy efficiency. It is rewarding to see firsthand how customers combine their creativity and our information to share their passion for living wattsmart.”

For more information on the Rocky Mountain Power Act wattsmart Video Contest, visit

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