Groundbreaking New Option for Customers Who Want Solar From Rocky Mountain Power

April 21, 2016

Subscriber solar groundbreaking

SALT LAKE CITY — It may be just a few shovels moving dirt but today’s groundbreaking for Rocky Mountain Power’s new Subscriber Solar program is also breaking new ground for solar power for customers. The 20-megawatt solar plant being constructed near Holden, Utah, will allow commercial and residential customers to purchase power from the sun even if they can’t afford to install solar panels or live in apartments or condos.

“For the first time customers will soon have the ability to purchase solar energy directly from Rocky Mountain Power,” said Gary Hoogeveen, Senior Vice-President and CCO at Rocky Mountain Power. “Our customers have been telling us they want more choices and the Subscriber Solar program is an exciting new option.”

Participants will be able to subscribe in 200-kilowatt-hour blocks up to their total average monthly usage. The benefits and costs of the program will vary depending on how much electricity a customer uses and how many blocks they support.

“Rocky Mountain Power now offers a flexible option for Utahns who are clamoring for solar energy,” said Kate Bowman, Solar Project Coordinator for Utah Clean Energy. “Just as some people choose to purchase their car outright while others prefer to lease a car, more flexible options for purchasing solar expands access to energy choice It is a step towards a cleaner, more diversified and resilient energy system.”

High-energy users in the summer may actually pay less for their energy because electricity costs can be higher during that season. Customers can subscribe for up to 20 years so the ‘locked-in’ generation rate could also save customers money if electricity prices go up in the future. The solar plant for the program will be built this year by juwi (pronounced you-vee) and be online for customers on January 1, 2017.

Solar power. No roof required.“We are pleased to be working with Rocky Mountain Power on our third utility-scale solar project in Millard County, Utah,” said Mike Martin, President and CEO of juwi. “The Subscriber Solar program is an innovative and prudent approach to marketing solar electricity to today’s savvy and environmentally conscientious consumers.”

Business customers will be able to sign up for the program beginning May 9 and residential customers can begin reserving blocks on June 21. Customers can sign up now to get more details, photos of the site and receive updates at A rate calculator will be available June 21 so residential customers can compare how much it will cost to participate in the program.

CLEAResult will be providing outreach to customers for the Subscriber Solar program.

“As a strong believer in the importance of renewables, energy efficiency and its effect on future generations I am very happy to be part of and working with the pioneering people at Rocky Mountain Power,” said Chris Fleming, CLEAResult account manager. ”I have always been impressed with Rocky Mountain Power’s commitment to its customers and the environment.”

Photographs, video and aerial video of the groundbreaking ceremony and the solar plant location will also be posted at Photos and information can also be found on Twitter with the hashtag #UTSubscriberSolar.

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