Changes Announced to Gateway West Transmission Line

February 09, 2012

Rocky Mountain Power today announced changes to its planned transmission line between the Windstar and Aeolus substations in eastern Wyoming. Key points in this announcement are:

  • The proposed eastern 230 kilovolt transmission line will be removed from the Gateway West plan. The company is also dropping all eastern routes from further consideration.
  • Development will continue to move forward on the planned 230 kV line to the west (known as the 1W route), paralleling the existing 230 kV line.
  • As originally planned, the existing 230 kV line will be rebuilt between the existing Windstar substation near Glenrock, Wyoming, and the new Aeolus substation to be built near Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

“The need for electricity for our customers continues to grow in the company’s six-state service area and the Gateway West transmission project will help provide for that need,” said Rita Meyer, Rocky Mountain Power vice president. “The company’s purpose and need for this project is to provide safe, reliable and reasonably priced electricity to meet the needs of customers. The changes announced today do not detract in any way from that objective.”

The determination that the second 230 kV line was no longer needed came from the company’s focus on meeting customer needs, continued assessment of the transmission project objectives, the availability of resources throughout the company’s system and finding the best balance between cost and risk for customers, Meyer said.

“Again, this configuration change to the Gateway West project will enable the company to meet its obligation to serve customers’ needs in a way that better balances cost and risk,” Meyer said. “As customer needs change and other energy developments occur, we will continue to adjust our plans accordingly.”

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