Grant Reports & Acknowledgement Agreements

Helping fund worthwhile projects is a gratifying part of the Foundation's work. Another aspect of it is measuring each program's impact on the community.

Acknowledgement Agreement

Upon receiving a grant check, we ask that grantees login to the Online Grant Application Portal and complete the Acknowledgement Agreement located under Reports Due in the navigation column. The agreement asks for acknowledgement of each of the following terms and conditions:

1. Acknowledge that your organization has received a grant check to support project specified in the request. (If you are unable to use the funds to support this project, please contact the Foundation to discuss other ways the funds may be used.)

2. Acknowledge that your organization must submit a grant report through the online grant portal prior to being eligible for any future grants. (Alternatively, an organization may choose to upload an annual report.)

3. Acknowledge that any recognition of the grant should be attributed to the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation and that your organization will obtain prior approval of any significant investment in recognition or other costly media by emailing or by contacting your Regional Business Manager.

Grant Report

Before applying for another grant in the future, we ask that grantees also login to the Online Grant Application Portal and complete the Grant Report located under Reports Due in the navigation column. If your project has not been completed, please provide a status update on your progress against attainment of the objectives of the project.

The following information is requested in the online Grant Report.

  • Status / Timeline (if any factors affected your projected timeline, please indicate reasons);
  • Budget / Expenditures and Variance (please indicate what changes and steps taken);
  • Results / Evaluation (Describe key accomplishments, challenges and unexpected results);
  • Exploring the Impacts – This section is to help us quantify what groups are receiving the most benefit in our communities. You may select options within each category that reflects those who benefited from the project;
  • Number of Individuals directly impacted by the project;
  • Recognition (brief description of any publicity or recognition, such as new releases, media coverage, name/logo on brochures/newsletters, website, social media, plaque, etc) Please attach a screenshot or other relevant recognition documents to this report at the bottom;
  • How many people the recognition may have reached.

Alternatively, you may attach an annual report and refer to the report.

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