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IRP Materials

Below are links to PacifiCorp’s IRP reports and related documents and presentations.
For more information, please contact our Resource Planning department at or 503-813-5245.


The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a comprehensive decision support tool and road map for meeting the company's objective of providing reliable and least-cost electric service to all of our customers while addressing the substantial risks and uncertainties inherent in the electric utility business. The IRP is developed with considerable public involvement from state utility commission staff, state agencies, customer and industry advocacy groups, project developers, and other stakeholders. The key elements of the IRP include: a finding of resource need, focusing on the first 10 years of a 20-year planning period; the preferred portfolio of supply-side and demand-side resources to meet this need; and an action plan that identifies the steps we will take during the next two to four years to implement the plan.

PacifiCorp prepares its integrated resource plan on a biennial schedule, filing its plan with state utility commissions during each odd numbered year. For five of its six state jurisdictions, the Company receives a formal notification as to whether the IRP meets the commissions’ IRP standards and guidelines, referred to as IRP acknowledgement. For even-numbered years, the Company updates its preferred resource portfolio and action plan by considering the most recent resource cost, load forecast, regulatory, and market information.

The IRP uses system modeling tools as part of its analytical framework to determine the long-run economic and operational performance of alternative resource portfolios. These models simulate the integration of new resource alternatives with our existing assets, thereby informing the selection of a preferred portfolio judged to be the most cost-effective resource mix after considering risk, supply reliability, uncertainty, and government energy resource policies.

IRP Status

The 2017 IRP (filed April 4, 2017) consists of two Volumes. Volume I is the company’s resource plan, which describes the planning environment, a finding of resource need, the resource portfolio modeling process and assumptions, the preferred resource portfolio, and the action plan. Volume II consists of appendices that provide detailed modeling and study results, as well as additional planning and IRP regulatory compliance information.

2019 IRP


2019 IRP Presentations

IRP Comments – Stakeholder Feedback

IRP Support & Studies

2017 IRP Update (May 1, 2018)

PDF 2017 Integrated Resource Plan Update

2017 IRP (April 4, 2017)

PDF 2017 Integrated Resource Plan – Volume I, Main

PDF 2017 Integrated Resource Plan – Volume II, Appendices


2017 IRP Presentations

IRP Comments - Stakeholder Feedback

IRP Support & Studies

2015 IRP Update (March 31, 2016)

PDF 2015 Integrated Resource Plan Update

PDF 2015 Integrated Resource Plan Update - Appendix B

IRP Support & Studies

2015 IRP (March 31, 2015)

PDF 2015 Integrated Resource Plan - Volume I, Main (4mb)

PDF 2015 Integrated Resource Plan - Volume II, Appendices (10mb)

PDF 2015 Integrated Resource Plan - Volume III, Coal Analysis (Redacted, 2mb)

PDF 2015 Integrated Resource Plan - All Volumes (Redacted, 16mb)


2015 IRP Presentations

IRP Comments - Stakeholder Feedback

IRP Support & Studies

 2013 IRP Update (March 31, 2014)

PDF 2013 Integrated Resource Plan Update - Redacted

2013 IRP (April 30, 2013)

PDF 2013 Integrated Resource Plan - Volume I, Main (8MB)

PDF 2013 Integrated Resource Plan - Volume II, Appendices (8MB)


2013 IRP Presentations

Other Documents

2012 Wind Integration Study

Please see the 2013 IRP Volume II - Appendix H for the 2012 Wind Integration Study 

PDF Technical Review Committee Memo on PacifiCorp 2012 Wind Integration Study (5-31-13)

Distributed Generation Potential Study Memos

PDF Combined Heat and Power Final (10-04-12)

PDF Solar Water Heating Final (10-05-12)

PDF Solar Photovoltaic (9-28-12)

Demand-side Management

2013 Demand-side Management Potential Study and Other Supplemental Resources

PDF Volume I - Main Document - PacifiCorp Assessment of Long-Term, System-Wide Potential
PDF Volume II – Appendices – Technical Supplements

PDF Class 3 Demand-side Management (9-4-12)

PDF Energy Efficiency Resource Ramping (10-22-12)

Energy Efficiency Supply Data (MS Excel, 10-22-12)


PDF Geothermal: 2011 Geothermal Information Request

Energy Storage

PDF Energy Storage: Flywheel Demonstration Project with EMB Energy

PDF Energy Storage Screening Study For Integrating Variable Energy Resources (4MB)

Supply-side Table

PDF Supply-side Resource Options (10-31-12)

Transmission Documents

System Operational and Reliability Benefits Tool

System Benefit Tool for Preferred Portfolio Case 07 Energy Gateway Scenario 2 - Segment D (Excel)

System Benefit Tool for Sigurd to Red Butte Transmission Line - Segment G (Excel)

PDF Transmission Planning and Investments - Draft (10-29-12)

PDF System Benefit Tool - Draft (10-29-12)

2011 IRP Update (March 30, 2012)

PDF 2011 Integrated Resource Plan Update (Redacted, 2.0MB)

State Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Filing

PDF California Supplemental RPS Filing - Docket R.11-05-005 (July 16, 2012)

2011 IRP (March 31, 2011)

PDF 2011 Integrated Resource Plan - Volume I (5.9MB)

PDF 2011 Integrated Resource Plan - Appendices, Volume II (6.5MB)

2011 IRP Addendum (June 27, 2011)

PDF 2011 IRP Addendum (2.0MB)

2011 IRP Presentations

2011 IRP Presentations

2010 Wind Integration

2010 Wind Integration Study

2010 Geothermal Resource Study

PDF 2010 Geothermal Resource Study (7MB, August 2010)

Loss of Load Study

PDF Loss of Load Study (11-18-2010)

Edison Electric Institute

PDF Cover Letter - Transmittal Letter to EPA

PDF Report - "Potential Impacts of Environmental Regulation on U.S. Generation Fleet" (Jan2011, 1.6MB)

Supplemental Coal Replacement Study

PDF REDACTED - Supplemental Coal Replacement Study (9-21-2011)

2008 IRP Update (March 31, 2010)

PDF 2008 Integrated Resource Plan Update

PDF 2008 Integrated Resource Plan Update - Errata (6-16-2010)

PDF EPRI presentation sited on page 22 of the 2008 IRP Update

2008 IRP (May 28, 2009)

PDF 2008 PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan (2.7MB)

PDF 2008 PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan - Appendices (2.8MB)

PDF 2008 PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan - Errata

2008 IRP Presentations and Schedule

2007 IRP Update (June 11, 2008)

PDF 2007 Integrated Resource Plan Update

2007 IRP (May 30, 2007)

On May 30, 2007 PacifiCorp filed with state commissions the 2007 Integrated Resource Plan. The main IRP report, which presents PacifiCorp's resource planning principles and objectives, a profile of major external influences on the company's planning effort, a resource needs assessment, options considered for resource portfolio development, the modeling and risk analysis approach, portfolio evaluation results, and an action plan. The appendices provide additional planning and IRP regulatory compliance information, as well as additional modeling results.

PDF 2007 PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan (3.6MB)

PDF 2007 PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan - Appendices (2.6MB)

PDF 2007 PacifiCorp Integrated Resource Plan - Errata

2007 IRP Presentations, Schedule and Technical Workshop Materials

Renewable Energy Action Plan (May 2007)

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company ("MEHC") made a commitment to work with the states to produce a Renewable Energy Action Plan ("the Renewable Plan") as part of its acquisition of PacifiCorp. PacifiCorp committed to filing a ten-year plan, concurrent with its next IRP filing, showing how it plans to acquire 1,400 megawatts of new cost-effective renewable resources by 2015, including specific milestones over a ten year planning period as to when resources will be added. Consistent with the commitments, MEHC and PacifiCorp filed a preliminary plan for achieving the 1,400 megawatt renewable target on September 21, 2006. This document is an updated Renewable Energy Action Plan and is being filed concurrent with PacifiCorp's 2007 Integrated Resource Plan. The 2007 Integrated Resource Plan identified 2,000 megawatts of renewable resources targeted by the end of 2013. The Renewable Plan sets forth the objectives and action items to meet the commitment of acquiring cost-effective renewable resources by the target date. The Renewable Energy Action Plan is divided into four categories: Resource Acquisition, Institutional, System Operations and Transmission.

PDF 2007 PacifiCorp Renewable Energy Action Plan

2004 IRP Update (November 3, 2005)

On November 3, 2005, the Resource Planning department filed with the commissions an update to the 2004 IRP for informational purposes. The 2004 IRP Update incorporates a resource portfolio analysis that accounts for PacifiCorp's latest resource forecasts and revised modeling assumptions. This update stems from PacifiCorp's commitment to revisit and refresh the IRP Action Plan each year.

PDF 2004 IRP Update

2004 IRP (January 20, 2005)

PacifiCorp filed its 2004 IRP on January 20, 2005. PacifiCorp's 2004 IRP consists of two volumes: 1) The main IRP document which presents the PacifiCorp planning context, a profile of resource needs, analytical methods used, modeling results, analysis conclusions, and an Action Plan, 2) the Technical Appendix.

PDF 2004 Integrated Resource Plan: Overview

PDF 2004 Integrated Resource Plan: Main Document (1.4MB)

PDF 2004 Integrated Resource Plan: Technical Appendix (2.3 MB)

2003 IRP Update (Filed October 2003)

PDF 2003 IRP Update

2003 IRP (Filed January 2003)

PDF 2003 Integrated Resource Plan: A summary brochure

PDF 2003 Integrated Resource Plan: Main Document (1.6MB)

PDF 2003 Integrated Resource Plan: Appendices (2.9MB)

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