Technological Advances

As early as 1914, the company hired dispatchers to monitor the flow of electricity, troubleshoot outages and improve reliability. This photo from the late 1940s shows the dispatch office at Terminal Substation in the Salt Lake Valley, where the tools of the trade were a telegraph key on the desk to signal the plants, telephones and a chalkboard diagram.

historic Dispatch

In 1966 everything changed. A centralized computer responsible for controlling the function of the company’s entire generating and transmission system was installed and a microwave radio system linked company plants, substations, and major switching locations to general headquarters.

Technology continues to improve, but the reasons for it – providing safe, reliable and affordable power for our customers – remain unchanged.  Keeping you informed is also a priority. Stay connected with us on Twitter and get up-to-date energy-saving tips on our wattsmart Facebook page. 

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